Kweko Forstall, board member of the Aerotropolis Atlanta AllianceKweku Forstall of the Annie E. Casey Foundation is Director of the Atlanta Civic Site. He has worked for the Foundation for four and half years, and the organization has been an Alliance member since 2016.

Professional roles & responsibilities: “I work with and support six colleagues, numerous community partners and stakeholders, and residents of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit V and surrounding neighborhoods on the southside of Atlanta to help children and families reach their full potential and thrive in spite of the historical and structural challenges they face.”

Hobbies: “Travel, reading, enjoying sporting events (as a spectator) and spending time with my family.”

Passion in life: “Connecting people and communities with the resources needed to reach their full potential and realize their dreams and aspirations.”

Inspiration for joining the Alliance: “The opportunity to engage in and model how philanthropy can play a role in inclusive and equitable economic development efforts.”