This week’s AERO ATL Podcast features Mayor Allan Hallman of the City of Hapeville. This podcast is sponsored by the Development Authority of Fulton County. Two of the most exciting projects currently in progress are the Academy Theater and the Rail Corridor Improvement Project. According to Mayor Hallman, the Academy Theater focuses on arts and culture helps to create a sense of place and helps us to maintain a small town charm and a small town feel!

This week’s AERO ATL Podcast features Mayor Angelyne Butler of the City of Forest Park. This podcast is sponsored by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. Mayor Butler ran on a platform that supports Operation Progress which ultimately means that when we work together we can reach our full potential. She welcomes developers as this is a city where they will see their direct impact on their investment.

The AERO ATL Podcast featuring Mayor Elizabeth Carr-Hurst of Fairburn is sponsored by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Mayor Hurst is the second African American woman to hold a position in council in this city. In August of 2017, she decided to run as Mayor and was unopposed, thus becoming first African American Female Mayor of the City of Fairburn. Mayor Hurst is looking to bring more business including a four or five star hotel. One exciting highlight opening of the Fulton County Stem school coming in 2021!

This AERO ATL Podcast, featuring Mayor William “Bill” Edwards of the City of South Fulton is brought to you by, South Fulton Chamber of Commerce. He has been a Mayor for the last two years and brings 14 years of political experience with him. He believes to be a great leader and teacher you have to serve the people. Public Safety and Education are two  important factors to help support and stimulate economic development in the City of South Fulton. It is the third largest city in Fulton County.

This week’s AERO ATL Podcast features Mayor Jack Longino of the City of College Park. This podcast is brought to you by Woodward Academy. Mayor Longino has served for 24 years in the City of College Park. He truly believes that one of his biggest assets, serving as a Mayor is the ability to accept and encourage change. Because of this, a lot of new developments have and are continuing to happen in this city. For example, the GICC is the second largest convention center in the state which helps College Park hold its rank as the fourth largest city in hospitality.

The AERO ATL Podcast featuring Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham of East Point, brought to you by the Atlanta Airport Chamber. The City of East Point is the city of choice to live, work, play, and stay. They have become a Welcoming city through Welcoming American Network and looks to continue to revitalize the area. One of the exciting highlights is the opening of a new city hall on April 30th!

The AERO ATL Podcast featuring Mayor Tom Reed of Chattahoochee Hills, brought to you by Well Star Health System. Looking to shape this area thoughtfully while leading the charge of complimenting the vision of Chattahoochee Hills. The Mayor is proud that this is the sixth largest City, in area, in the State of Georgia. Chattahoochee Hills is truly a city that is pro quality of life. Visit to learn more!

This week’s AERO ATL Podcast, brought to you by Porsche Cars of North America, features Mayor J. Clark Boddie of the City of Palmetto! Mayor Boddie is also a proud Board Member of the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance. He loves the full service City of Palmetto and believes that the people and tradition of this southern landmark makes this a great place to live. To learn more about the City of Palmetto, visit

Featuring Mayor Jeffrey DeTar of the City of Morrow! The City of Morrow attributes its growth to the fact people like to live here. When they move to Morrow they never want to leave! To learn more about the great opportunities and community enhancements under way please visit!

Mayor Vince Williams of the City of Union City also known as “The Progressive City”, is tireless in his efforts to lead by being a “A change agent for folks who want to see change!” Mayor Williams is currently in his second term as Mayor and offering a vast number of opportunities for young adults, entrepreneurs and seniors of the community to grow and prosper.

Chairman Jeff Turner serves as the gallant leader of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. He was elected by the voting constituency of Clayton County as Chairman in August 2012. He was inaugurated in December and transitioned into office on January 01, 2013. Prior to winning the election, Jeff worked in law enforcement for over 23 years, beginning as a patrolman and rising through the ranks to the position of Chief of Police in March 2007. To learn more about the City of Palmetto, visit

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (AACIDs) Featuring the Executive Director Gerald McDowell with over 15 years of professional community improvement experience! The AACIDs are committed to creating an economically STRONG, SAFE, ATTRACTIVE and VIBRANT community surrounding the world’s most busiest airport.

Finding the Flint Featuring Hannah Palmer: A discussion of the conservation of creeks and rivers in the Aerotropolis from East Point to Florida flowing under Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport. Finding the Flint builds off years of research, planning, coalition building, and big ideas for the Flint’s headwaters in the airport area. To learn more visit:

Clayton County Featuring Khalfani Stevens, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Clayton County: Khalfani offers valuable insight on the economic prosperity of Clayton County, sharing details on Moutainview!  There is something for everybody including mixed-use retail, Class A office space, and an area designated for regional entertainment district!