The Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance is a membership-driven organization with a Board of Directors made up of the local governments, chambers of commerce, development authorities, and private businesses located around the airport. Each and every one of our members have made significant investments in the Alliance mission to create and sustain a thriving and connected community around Hartsfield-Jackson.

As a member of the Alliance, you and your organization help direct our movement to make the region a better place for everyone. Through a variety of opportunities, our members benefit from being an active and informed stakeholder in all that we do. These opportunities include participating in efforts lead by our Collectives or in planning initiatives, access to networking and special events, and promotion of your organization through strategic partnerships.

If you are interested in helping us make Aerotropolis Atlanta the next premier business district, preserving the strong communities that make up the South side, and improving the quality of life of all the live and work here, then join us.