Southern Cities Economic Inclusion DEI Strategic Plan: Develop a framework

I. Introduction and Overview

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance seeks proposals from diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firms to develop a plan that guides the steps and capacity training for the City of College Park as they prepare to undertake a Southern Cities Economic Inclusion DEI Strategic Plan. This plan enables the city to assess how, as a city government, it is working to incorporate economic inclusion strategies in its operations.

Context and Goals: The City’s main goal is to assess the capacity of the City related to DEI within City government and to identify strategies to improve its DEI approach. College Park is participating in a larger southern effort, Southern Cities Economic Inclusion initiative, that is supporting cities to identify and implement strategies that support economic growth for all residents and businesses, with a focus on minority businesses and residents. Eventually, College Park will conduct an external, city-wide DEI plan; the city recognizes that understanding its own work to improve DEI is a necessary first step before engaging a more external effort.

Guidance: The City anticipates that the ultimate result of developing and implementing a DEI strategic plan will include an approach for improving College Parks’ policies and programs related to how the city operates in supporting small business growth, asset development, and career development for underserved and underdeveloped communities and communities of color. This includes assessing the City’s current procurement practices and spending, its hiring processes, and how departments prioritize ensuring access to services and opportunities for College Park residents and businesses, both from within the city and throughout the community.
A thoughtful guide for planning should help the city position itself as a values leader and an example of a self-reflective learning organization.

The objective of the Plan is to offer a road map for the City in the strategies, tactics, capacities, and resources needed to improve the City’s DEI strategy. The DEI Strategic Plan will aim to increase DEI initiatives within municipality departments and create policies with inclusive economic development at the forefront. The City expects that the selected firm will work alongside the City to implement elements of the road map to support city staff in some of the stages of internal assessment.

While the focus is on the City’s internal policies and practices, the work plan may inform our programmatic strategies. The Consultant selected must have proven expertise and demonstrated hands-on experience guiding non-profit and or government agencies through the implementation and successful completion of organization-wide DEI transformation. Please read each section carefully for information regarding the request and submittal instructions.

Award Amount: $60,000

Please reference this RFQ as Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance Southern Cities Economic. Inclusion DEI Strategic Plan in the subject line of all emails. The point of contact for this RFQ is Brian Dorelus. His contact information is as follows:

Brian Dorelus, Sr. Project Manager: [email protected]

III. Activities & Deliverables

Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance is seeking an experienced consultant or consulting team in city-based inclusive economic development strategies to help develop a sustainable DEI framework and strategy, building upon early work by the City. Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance wishes to create programs that address equitable development, diversity in business growth and inclusionary policies (especially access to capital), the development/redevelopment of underutilized real estate, and the economic mobility of the City of College Park residents. The work in College Park will offer a template for other Aerotropolis communities interested in a similar effort.

The team’s work is expected to include the following:

IV. Submission requirements

A submission must include the following:

V. Submission process

Digital submissions must be received [email protected] with the subject line “Submission:
Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance DEI Strategic Plan”

VI. Evaluation criteria

VII. Selection process

Firms shall have no contact related to this project with Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance during the RFQ process other than with the contact person for questions and clarifications. Any firm that currently provides Consultant services to Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance may continue to discuss those matters with all staff, except for issues pertaining to this RFQ. Qualified submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee and ranked based on the scope of work criteria. Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance may invite firms for an interview, but this is optional for the selection process.