Aerotropolis Atlanta Land Use Analysis and Recommendations

In 2019, the Aerotropolis Alliance applied for technical assistance through the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) to undertake a multi-jurisdictional land use assessment of the Aerotropolis Atlanta region, identified as an “Action” on the Matrix of Action Items from the Blueprint.

The assessment is intended to analyze current and future land use designations and policies, and focus on key transportation corridors and jurisdictional boundaries. Through a review of land use policies, GIS analysis, and stakeholder engagement, this assessment prioritizes key geographies and corridors where interjurisdictional coordination and collaboration is recommended. This report offers next steps for the Alliance to better coordinate land use and economic development goals across jurisdictional lines as well as prepares the Alliance to embark on its next strategic and visioning process: Aerotropolis Blueprint 2.0.

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